Robby’s baseball t-shirt

Hi there friends! Tonight I wanted to share a quick craft project that’s sure to put a smile on the baseball lovers face! This is a little gift for my little
cousin Robert!



What you’ll need!
White t-shirt
Fabric paint
Paint brushes

Step one
I free handed the baseball on the shirt with red fabric paint. You can trace a baseball print pattern to your shirt if you like.

Step two
Let the baseball pattern dry, this may take like a hour. I like the baseball pattern left alone but for a little personalization I added Robert the All-star! I thought it would be a cute addition to his little sporty shirt. This is completely up to you. This too was free handed but you can buy stencils if you aren’t comfortable.

It’s always nice getting a custom gift! It shows love and thoughtfulness! If you aren’t as crafty as I am that’s ok too!! Remember it’s the thought that counts, people just like to be thought of! Whether it’s a card or call, it doesn’t matter…long as they know they are thought of!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!!

Ducking you up every Friday!
Love ya, Muah!

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