Lollipop bouquet

Happy Friday sweetie pies!!! Hope you have a fun filled Friday! Today, I wanted to share a lollipop bouquet that I made as a gift to my most sweetest and dearest friend! She has been ride or die since we were seven! This bouquet is a token of her sweet dear friendship. We have never fallen out, or lost touched! She is trustworthy, and her friendship means more to me than she’ll ever know! Here’s to you Erica!




What you’ll need!

Styrofoam ball
Flower pot
Glue gun
A bag of your favorite lollipops

Step one
Fill the styrofoam ball up with as many lollipops as you can, make sure you don’t see any styrofoam in-between. Leave the bottom of the ball lollipop free, you need room to glue the styrofoam ball to the pot. You want your bouquet to be beautiful!

Step two
Stuff the flower pot with balled up newspaper. (Add a little glue so the newspaper balls don’t move around.)

Step three
Glue your ball to the newspaper and the pot.

Step four
Tie a pretty ribbon around the pot!

There it is…a sweet gift for the sweetest friend!



Let me know if you try to create this sweet treat!

Ducking you up every Friday!
Love ya, Muah!

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