Welcome to So Ducking Creative, where the 7 (F’s) fashion, food, creative (fun), family, faith, health (fundamentals), and the hot topics of (no filly) are explored beyond measures. I’ve had a love for fashion and crafting for as long as I could remember! I use to use socks to create baby doll clothing and wrapping paper to form dresses for barbies. My mother knew then I would be a menace to fashion. My love for cooking and food was recently discovered when I realized I could use my ability to design and style clothing to dress food. I will share fashion tips, food tricks, crafting fun, family/random photos, inspiration, the scoop on health, and the chat room section (no filly). Come take a ride on my creative roller coaster where we’re ducking anyone who says we can’t do it!

Christian’s Dictionary (definitions of my terminology!)
1.) Ducking- Extremely,exceedingly,very or high degree.
2.) Mamarazzi- A mommy photographer who pursues family,fun & randomness to get photos!
3.) Duck- To evade or dodge,to avoid,forget,disregard or ignore.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi mommy’s lil girl, You now realize what it mean to be the best mommy in the world. I prayed for you to feel the way I felt, I thank God for you and my grand daughter, OMG, out of them all this is the best blog by far, you keep getting better and better, mommy’s little millionaire, I speak it, because I know it. Out of all the mommy’s in the world, you and beary are the best at it. My dear lil friend, the best is yet to come.

    Mommy love you.

    • This is your season for grace for favor, to reap what you have sown. You give so much and expect nothing in return, as your mother stated, You will be rich, yes you will, I thank God today for your unconditional love, by the way, you have a beautiful baby. You both are so gifted and annointed.

      Love Bestie.

  2. By the way Kanye and Kim, Beyounce and Blue Ivy, doesn’t have anything on Auggie.
    You need to give them pointers on how to dress their kids, you most definetly have it going on. Yup I said it!!!!!!!!

  3. I love your talent, I heard a sermon 2nite @ church, LET YOUR CREATIVITY BE YOUR MIRACLE! GOD is speaking to You! Keep On, Love Ya!

  4. Awwwww, I love your blog regarding a mother’s existence, Honestly, my lil bestie, you are the #1 reason I exist. I am eager to check your blog everyday, wondering what information you will provide the world with daily, thank you for letting God use you as a fashion angel, health angel as well as an inspiration angel daily for the world, may the Lord richly enhance the gifts you already have, the angels are preparing the world now for your multiple gifts.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts. Although many may not tell you, believe me you are TALENTED as well as GIFTED!!!!!!! When I grow up bestie, I want to be just like you.

    Your Mommy Friend

  5. You started from the bottom now you here. You told me I look like peace today, That’s what I feel when I look at your blog everyday. It’s sooo inspiring, keep it coming bestie.

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