Miracle babies

Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles. ~Edwin Louis Cole
When I think back to my pregnancy and how difficult it was, it makes me so thankful that I had faith that I would make it through. There were a few times the doctors told me they didn’t see the fetus! Ha….I said, the baby is In there! I expected my baby to make it full term and to be healthy! Almost 17 months later she is here happy, sassy, funny and healthy!!! Far more than what I expected!!! When I think about my cousin who went into labor early because the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck; she didn’t fret because she knew in her heart of hearts that her baby girl would pull through; she expected her baby to be okay! When I think about my other cousin and her journey with having her son extremely prematurely, being in and out the hospital; she never said he’s not going to make it! She kept fighting! She expected her her baby to be a survivor and to come home whole! In these three cases we expected our babies, to survive…to be healthy and strong! Not that it was easy, not that we didn’t have days that we had to be extremely persistent in our faith and pray constantly…we expected our babies, our now MIRACLES!!!! This message is for someone who is still expecting their baby! I wrote this for you… No names, hopefully you know who you are! Your baby is just getting it’s last touches from the angels to be delivered to your womb! Get ready!!

Miracle babies!!!




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