Zarbee’s cough medicine

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Hey my loves! As I said yesterday a lot has been going on! My baby has a bit of a cough and honestly I wasn’t sure what product would knock that heart wrenching cough out the way! Her cough seems to get worse at night; so I tried Zarbee’s Natural cough syrup! If you have little ones and have had this problem (as I’m sure all mommy’s have) this is the product for you! I give it a A+ in helping baby rest the remainder of the night, and a A+ in helping mommy’s heart! It helped my little August immediately! You have to remember to give it to your baby every 4 hours until the cough lightens up… If not, after the 4 hours, the cough might return. This is on my favorite products list!!! Try it if this ever happens to your little one!
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Eating right

Hey my loves! Tonight I wanted share a little quick meal I threw together. Salmon and salad. It’s very healthy and it’s everything I need on one plate to get my nutrients for the day! It’s great when u eat right! As my mother taught me, eat right, think right! This is soooo true! I notice a huge difference in my thinking process when I eat properly! Take care of yourselves, by taking time to cook for yourselves! Love yourselves! So you can love others!!!




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The best condoms ever


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Happy lovely Thursday!!! Today I wanted to share my experience with lambskin condoms. Since having my daughter I’ve been a condom user, wait a second now… I’m getting back on the ultimate baby stopper, the PILL this weekend! Before I do, I had to tell my loves the scoop on these amazing baby barriers. Honestly, I have never enjoyed condoms, they bother me; the next morning I feel awful because I’m sore and irritated. I just recently realized I might have a latex allergy. About two days ago, my husband brought in the lambskin condoms. Not getting too personal, but hey, that’s what my S.D.C. friends are for!! To share my best and worst experiences with!!! So, let’s get to the good stuff! We tried the condoms…and bada-bing, bada-boom! Just as the reviews state, most people say they’re great, and they are! You know the trojan commercials, where the couples hair is all over their heads, and the music plays and their under the covers looking revitalized? That was us!! The condoms are awesome!! I had to ask my husband twice…are you sure that you had one on!!!? I advise the individuals that don’t use birth-control to use this if you’re trying to prevent pregnancy! I will give you a few facts on the lambskins he was in!!!

  • Lambskin condoms do not prevent the transmission of STDs!
  • Lambskin condoms are a prevention for pregnancy!
  • Lambskin condoms are made from a thin layer of sheep cecum, a part of the intestine. 
  • Lambskin condoms are more expensive than latex condoms (believe me they are well worth it)!
  • Lambskin condoms deliver body heat in a way that latex condoms don’t!
  • Lambskin condoms are an amazing alternative for individuals with latex allergies!
  • Lambskin condoms unlike latex condoms, can be used with oil-based lubricants!
  • Lambskin condoms feel extremely natural!

“Lambskin condoms are good for preventing pregnancy. Because the lambskin material has tiny pores–though they are not large enough to allow the passage of sperm–it is not as effective as latex for prevention of viral STDs, like HIV and herpes. They should not be used as protection against these diseases. For pregnancy prevention, they are about equally as effective as latex and other condom materials,” according to lambskincondoms.org!

My experience with these baby stoppers were beyond great! If your not shy, let me know if you and your spouse try these! 

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Pine needle oil

Happy Tuesday cutie pies! Today I wanted to share my new love for pine needle oil. It has some great and useful benefits that I would love to share. I was introduced to pine needle oil through my mother-in-law, (she is the reason I am into healthI usually listen because anything she tells you to get usually helps and improves something!!) I had my husband pick a bottle up, and I did my own research. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I absolutely love this stuff!!!



1st Benefit

As a child I had eczema, which honestly sometimes I still feel like I have symptoms of. I itch terribly from time, time due to allergies. My scalp and just about everywhere on my body will flare up itching profusely. After researching pine needle oil, I learned that dermatologists prescribe pine needle oil for a variety of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, itching and a few others. I decided to try this on my skin, and yes it does work. It soothes instantly and stops the itching!

2nd Benefit

If your anything like me and you suffer from allergies, you will love this benefit. By placing a few drops of oil in a pot of hot water and using it like a humidifier this can clear up sinus problems. It is also great for colds, you can place a few drops in your tea and drink it. This will clear up any respiratory issues.

3rd Benefit

Looking for a great stress reliever? Pine needle oil can reduce tension and stress. Get a nice message with pine needle oil, or place a few drops in the bath tub and soak in it. This will do the trick.

4th Benefit

Do you suffer from joint pain such as arthritis, maybe you have back issues or just an area on your body that tends to cause pain sometimes. I know for me (don’t laugh) my big toe on my right foot hurts periodically. I think I sprang it years ago trying to be cute in some heels, I never got it checked out! Pine needle oil reduces inflammation and pain just apply to the affected area. This really helps!!!

5th benefit

Pine needle oil is great for dandruff, itchy aggravated or sore scalp. Placing a few drops throughout your scalp will relieve itching, soreness and get rid of that gross dandruff.

Thank you mother-in-law this stuff is great!!! XOXO
Please try this product, It’s definitely worth the try!

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5 beauty benefits of ACV


picture taken from myapplecidervinegar.com

Apple Cider Vinegar also known as ACV, is vinegar made from the cider of apples. Cider, is a un-preserved drink made by crushing fruit. ACV, has a strong potent taste but has so many health and beauty benefits that it will amaze you. I’ve used ACV numerous times. As schedules change and life becomes a bit more hectic some routines change. I use to take ACV a few times a day, just a tablespoon 2-3 times a day. A few days ago I was grocery shopping and was thinking of ways to keep my skin cleansed and clear, and I thought about how great ACV worked. Today, I will give you 5 beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Note:It’s best to purchase organic ACV; because it has the mother of vinegar, which “is a substance composed of a form of cellulose and acetic acid bacteria that develops on fermenting alcoholic liquids…” Wikipedia states. I like to get Bragg’s, you can find this at any health food store and some grocery stores.

1st beauty benefit

ACV will get rid of all the build up in your hair, from hair products and dirt; leaving your hair shiny, soft and manegable!!! It also alleviates dandruff. If you use about 1/3 of ACV mixed with about 4 cups of water, ACV makes a great hair rinse!!!

2nd beauty benefit

ACV helps maintain healthy skin, by drinking daily or applying directly with a cotton ball. It is known to stop the aging process, meaning reducing wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. It also help acne!!!

3rd beauty benefit

ACV is a deodorant, although ACV has a strong smell it is an odor neutralizer!!!

4th beauty benefit

ACV is a teeth whitener, rub your teeth with ACV, brush and rinse as usual!!!

5th beauty benefit

ACV aids in weight loss and management. The acetic acid in ACV controls your appetite. Taking a few tablespoons a day will help reduce your appetite and speed up your metabolism.

Let’s not forget as I mentioned above, there are so many benefits of ACV health and beauty…if interested go online and research benefits of apple cider vinegar. Today, I just shared a few beauty benefits for my vain beauties reading this post!!!

Hope you found this useful, and you’ll try ACV!!!

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Yo Baby Yogurt pops!

It is such a beautiful day, well at least in my neighborhood! The weather today led me to this brisk cool treat. It’s great for your baby or toddler; and can be a snack for you as well if you’re a yogurt fan and want to alter this with your favorite yogurt. It’s my Yo Baby Yogurt pops! I’ve done this numerous times and it’s a hit with my daughter (especially with her teething). It helps with so many of her teething symptoms. This treat is extremely healthy and yummy. It is a great alternative for the mommies who don’t want those sugary popsicles in there child’s diets. Okay, before we get started I would like to give you a few benefits of yogurt! 


  • improves eczema in (children and adults).
  • improves dental health in (children and adults).
  • fights against yeast infections in (women).
  • aIds in constipation in (children and adults).
  • helps with diarrhea in (children and adults).
  • improves cholesterol in (children and adults).
  • prevents osteoporosis in (adults).
  • protects against ulcers in (children and adults).
  • is a great grow food, because it is filled with protein and calcium for (babies and children).
  • it is easy to digest for (children and adults).
  • is great for the teething baby; because it soothes their gums, aids in proper development of their teeth and helps with diarrhea.
Ok let’s get started!
What you’ll need!

Yo Baby Yogurt (or your choice of yogurt)

Popsicle mold



 Fill those babies up!


Depending on how many of the popsicle molds you want to fill and the size of the actual mold (is what determines how much yogurt you’ll need), I used about 3/4 of the yogurt in each mold. Fill each mold to the top leaving a little room so the yogurt doesn’t gush out when you put the stick in. Place your yogurt pops in the freezer for about 1.5 to two hours; by then the pops should be ready to eat!

These are great for days you want to kill two birds with one stone, (getting nutrients and a tasty treat) in one!


 I used blueberry and apple Yo Baby Yogurt …


This is a treat that can’t be beat!


Note: These were made specifically for my daughter, so I used Yo Baby Yogurt which is best suited for her stomach. You can use you or your child’s yogurt of choice. 


Bet you’ll love em’, let me know if and when you try these healthy great tasting yogurt pops!!!

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The Almighty Avocado

Happy Friday my little health nuts! Today I wanted to share 10 benefits and a few fun facts of the Almighty Avocado! Almighty Avocado, You ask? Yes, it’s almighty because this fruit packs so much nutrition & more!!! 


 Here’s your 10 benefits!!!
  • The avocado helps lower cholesterol; when eaten regularly avocado’s lower the body’s levels of unhealthy HDL cholesterol and also helps increase the levels of healthy HDL cholesterol. (HDL-high density lipoprotein) 
  • The avocado is a cure for bad breath, it’s a natural mouthwash!
  • The avocado has anti-aging properties because it is rich in antioxidants.
  • The avocado supports a healthy nervous system.
  • The avocado regulates blood sugar which is great for individuals with diabetes!
  • The monounsaturated fats in the avocado improves heart health, (which is beneficial in decreasing chances of heart disease and stroke.)
  • Avocado’s improve eye health.
  • The avocado is a great cleanse for skin, it is filled with vitamin A which helps with the clearing of dead skin cells (it also relieves dry skin.)
  • One serving of avocado can give you the nutrients of 11 different vitamins!
  • The oil in the avocado helps moisturize the scalp! It deep conditions and gives hair a shiny sheen!
Did you Know??!!

~The avocado is also known as the alligator pear, because of its green color, rough alligator skin and its shape!

~There are 80 yes 80 varieties of the avocado!! (according to WebMD)

~They are baby friendly, they are great to feed babies because they can be easily mashed and offers so many nutritional benefits!

~They are a great substitute for butter…spread avocado over bread during dinner and increase your nutrients for the day!

~You know avocados are ready to eat when they are brown and feel a little heavy!

~To keep avocados from turning brown after they have been cut, squeeze a little lemon juice over and store in a tight container!

I hope I left you with the desire to go get some avocado’s and add them to your diet!

Have a ALMIGHTY Friday!

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Sunny the teething bunny

Chamomile teething doll/cloth

Hey my S.D.C. mommies, this post is for you. All mommies have dreaded the unpleasant moments of teething. The late nights, the gnawing on everything, including you, the fussiness, the clinginess, and let’s not forget just the heart wrenching sight of seeing your precious baby in pain! Well boy, do I have a healthy affective solution. It’s inexpensive and it works! It’s a chamomile teething bunny…(the bunny can be substituted with a cloth or any miniature muslin or cloth doll.)

Before we get started I would like to give you a few facts on the benefits of the oh so comforting chamomile.

  • Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. Which means it can relieve your babies inflamed gums.
  • Chamomile relieves anxiety. If your baby is a little jumpy you can give your baby a small amount to soothe him/her.
  • Chamomile helps with sleeplessness. This is a great way to help the baby sleep when given in small amounts.
  • Chamomile aids in digestion. This is incredibly good for the babies who have diarrhea during teething.
  • Chamomile helps heal rashes when used as a cream or ointment; for the baby who has developed a rash during teething.


What you’ll need!


Muslin miniature doll or cloth

Two bags of chamomile tea

1 cup of apple juice

1 cup of water

Bowl (large enough for your doll or cloth to soak in)

Step 1 


If you are using a miniature doll make sure you cut any hazardous pieces off before starting this project. (I had to cut the eyes and whiskers off Sunny!) (If you are using a cloth disregard this step.) Hand wash the doll or cloth making sure the soap is fully rinsed out.

Step 2

hotwater applejuiceteaapple

Steep your 1-2 bags of chamomile tea in the 1 cup of water and the 1 cup of apple juice for 20 minutes. (You can microwave, boil or use a tea kettle.)

Step 3


Soak the miniature doll or cloth in the tea/apple juice for 10 minutes.

Step 4

(Ring the miniature doll or cloth out just enough, where it doesn’t drip but it is still slightly soaked; place it in the freezer for 1 hour. Your doll or cloth is ready to give your baby when it is stiff and frozen. Looking like this:


Now baby can gnaw on something that is soothing, healthy, tasty and affective for his/her teething discomforts.

Hope you S.D.C. mommies found this useful!!!

The lion eating the rabbit!

August just loved this, she has a few teeth coming in!!! This was right on time!!!



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