Loving unconditionally

Good afternoon! I watched Joel Osteen today and he preached on loving unconditionally! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, you don’t know a persons situation, we aren’t perfect; give everyone a chance! It was a beautiful message! Then he gave a beautiful example of how a mother, a father and their 1 year old was out eating breakfast. The little boy kept smiling laughing, and playing and the mother didn’t know why! She finally saw the baby was so entertained by a man sitting a little ways from them. The man looked to be homeless, less fortunate, hair wasn’t combed his clothes weren’t clean…you get the point. The baby wouldn’t stop playing with the man across the room! The man even spoke loudly to the baby, saying hi! The mother and father tried to hurry and eat out of embarrassment! When they were finished the mother was at the register and was about to pay. The man so happened to be behind her, the baby reached for the man and eventually was held by the man. The baby laid his head on the mans shoulder, the man had dirty hands and all. The moral of the story is, the baby was so innocent and had an unconditional love for the man! Not judging him because of his appearance! Joel Osteen said we should aspire to be like that innocent baby! Loving unconditionally! Stop judging and start loving! Our world needs love, the people around us that we think have issues need love not judgement! I thought about my innocent daughter! She doesn’t judge me, she only knows the world as a happy place. She comes to me with open arms and embraces me as I am, flaws and all. That’s how we should be!
We all need love, let’s start loving and stop judging!


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Love ya, Muah!