You called, so I’m back!

Hey y’all!! I’m so excited to be blogging again! So many people were disappointed In the fact that I stopped, so I came up with a plan that will make blogging easy and enjoyable for me! As I told you before, I just had way too many projects and responsibilities! Enough with all the rambling, I’m back! There is one stipulation, since I have other priorities I will blog once a week, it will be every Friday! I will duck you up with something creatively concocted by yours truly! So tune in every Friday if you want your dose of SDC!!!

Love ya, Muah!


So long friends

Happy Saturday, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking almost too much thinking lol! I’ve learned over the years I’ve given out so much of myself that I haven’t saved enough for me. When I created this blog my intentions/goal were to share a few of my gifts that were given to me by our Heavenly Father. I feel in my spirit I’ve done just that. Blogging was a creative outlet, a place to share a little of me with my readers. As time has passed I’ve come to a decision that will be best for God first and myself second. The energy I’ve used for this blog can be used for my true dream. Yes I love blogging, but truthfully it’s time for me to do something for Christian. God is ready for me to use my gift as who he has truly called me to be. The Virtuous Woman. It has been a blast sharing all my adventures but it’s time to say goodbye for now. I have duties, responsibilities that I have to tend to and a business to build. Love you dearly thank you for all your encouragement, comments and love! You will truly be missed!

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Love ya, Muah!


Take a break…

Hi there my loves, since I’ve been back
from the sunshine state I’ve had a lot going on! So much until I haven’t been blogging as usual! I apologize, I have so many jobs/ projects, mommy, daughter, friend and wife duties; since coming back that it’s been too much to blog and keep up with! So after careful consideration, I think I need a little break! It’s been 3 amazing months and I think I need a blog vacay, lol! I will be back! Promise… It’s just right now I have to focus on…God, family and business. Yes, your my business too lol! The thing is in order to continue to run this blog successfully I have to pace myself! I have sooo much on my plate, in a good way! I’ll be back shortly! Very shortly! In about a week!
Like I said, I will always keep you informed!
I’ll miss you!!!

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Love ya, Muah!


Summer cleaning!

Sorry this week has been really busy since I’ve been back…trying to clean up and re-organize some things in my home to move in new things. Like I always promised I’ll keep you updated no matter what it is! I’ve honestly been cooking and cleaning alllllll day! Like the old saying says….a woman’s work is never done! One thing I have to learn to do is, pace myself. I try and do too much at one time. My lesson to you today is, pace yourself when working on a huge project! Don’t procrastinate and don’t try and do it all at once. You’ll only give yourself a headache and frustrate yourself. Cleanliness is godliness; but use wisdom, we all need a balance!

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Love ya, Muah!


The things I love and hate!

Hey there friendly people!!! Now that I’m back home and the trip is over, I can get back in the groove of really blogging! Not that I don’t think you enjoyed the Miami fun!! Today, I wanted to share a few facts about me, things I love and hate! I thought since I share so much of me daily it would be fun to get to know me even better.

Chrissy loves…
the smell of lavender.
crackers, pretty much any kind!
the color pink.
headbands, bows and hats!
rain boots.
rain, when I’m indoors.
peanut butter.
palm trees.
breakfast in bed.
carrot cake.
the fan blowing at night.
Sour Patches (especially the watermelon kind).
the smell of a Baby Magic or Johnson and Johnson.
reading to my daughter.
taking my daughter to the park.
cooking for my mother.
making my mother laugh.
when my mother makes me laugh.
hearing my daughter in the morning.
shopping with hubby.
my hubby’s sense of humor.
riding at night with my husband when his top is off his jeep.
The list goes on… But I’ll stop here!
Chrissy hates…
the dentist.
the smell of grass in the summer.
carrot juice.
being late.
strong perfume or cologne.
dirty silverware at a restaurant.
people who don’t know when to say please, thank you, or excuse me!
dry cakes.
when I go to a Starbucks I’m not familiar with and they make my drink differently!
public restrooms
loud mouths.
people who brag.
being rushed.
not matching.
I hope this was a fun list of the things I love and hate! Throughout my blogging I’m sure you’ll learn even more things about me!
Love ya, Muah!


Home sweet home!!

What a wonderful, well needed trip! What a flight… 😦 the weather was so bad here in Chicago we had to land in Dallas, making it a total of 6 hours on the plane to get back home! Omg…our flight was suppose to leave at 6:55 p.m. We would have made it home at 9:00 p.m. Instead our flight was delayed! We didn’t leave until 8:35 p.m… You’ll never believe what time I made it back here…. 3:00 a.m:( Overall I’m just happy to be home! I thank God We made it back safe. It was awful, the pilot had to circle the area because O’hare wouldn’t open the gates due to weather issues, we had to find a place to land because the fuel was low!!! St. Louis wouldn’t take us because the airlines aren’t affiliated with them so we had to land in Dallas. We spent 4 hours circling the skies to get to Dallas from Miami, then another two from Dallas to Chicago!!! Like I said, it was a amazing trip!!!! I am happy to be back though!!


Last day!

So today is the last day here in Miami!!! On my way back to the Chi!!! It was fun, but I’m ready to go home! Missing my two BFF’s!!! I’ll miss the heat! The dressing up, the food, the relaxation and fun! I was so blessed to get the opportunity to see my other family here in Miami! My dad, sister, her boyfriend, my aunt, her husband, my grandma, grandpa, and two little cousins!!! I missed a few relatives due to the spur of the moment trip! The good news is I’m coming back in about three weeks! So I’ll have more pics and fun!!! So I’m not sad! I’m happy that I have a second home! When ever I need to vacay I can come back to the place I was born and spend time with my Miami fam!!!












Day 3 Miami

Hey y’all lol!!! It’s day 3! One more day here in Miami, and then tomorrow I’ll be headed back home! I’m excited because I’ll be returning home to my mother and baby girl! Yes, I’ll miss the fun here but you can’t vacay forever! That is what makes vacations, vacations! Here’s are a few more pics!!!