Easy veggie chicken & broccoli fettuccine


Happy day beautiful people!! It’s fettuccine Friday here at my house!!! Today, I wanted to share my veggie chicken and broccoli fettuccine. For the meat lovers you can substitute the veggie chicken with chicken breast or chicken strips! So let’s gets started!!

What you’ll need! (Recipe feeds about 6)
1 bag of gardein lightly seasoned chick’n scallopini
1 box of fettuccine
2 jars of Alfredo sauce (I like Bertolli)
1 bag of frozen broccoli

Step one
Cook your fettuccine, drain it and put aside.

Step two
Sauté your broccoli in a little olive oil.

Step three
In another pan spray Pam or oil your pan with olive oil; season your gardein chick’n and cook until both sides are cooked evenly. Put the cooked chick’n aside.

Step four
Pour the two jars of Alfredo over the sautéed broccoli. Season the Alfredo and broccoli; stir and cook until heated.

Step 5
Slice your chick’n into strips,

Step 6
Depending on how many people you are serving plate the fettuccine. Place about 6 chick’n strips over each serving of fettuccine. Some people like their fettuccine saucy, some don’t! It’s up to you how much of your Alfredo and broccoli sauce you want poured over your noodles. Pour as much as you like!

There it is, a easy meal that saves time and hunger! I like to have my fettuccine with cheesy garlic bread!
Let me know if you enjoyed this simple dish with a veggie twist!!!


Ducking you up every Friday!
Love ya, Muah!

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