So long friends

Happy Saturday, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking almost too much thinking lol! I’ve learned over the years I’ve given out so much of myself that I haven’t saved enough for me. When I created this blog my intentions/goal were to share a few of my gifts that were given to me by our Heavenly Father. I feel in my spirit I’ve done just that. Blogging was a creative outlet, a place to share a little of me with my readers. As time has passed I’ve come to a decision that will be best for God first and myself second. The energy I’ve used for this blog can be used for my true dream. Yes I love blogging, but truthfully it’s time for me to do something for Christian. God is ready for me to use my gift as who he has truly called me to be. The Virtuous Woman. It has been a blast sharing all my adventures but it’s time to say goodbye for now. I have duties, responsibilities that I have to tend to and a business to build. Love you dearly thank you for all your encouragement, comments and love! You will truly be missed!

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Love ya, Muah!

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