Top Secret Mac and Cheese!

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Good evening!!! How many of you are able to keep a secret? How many of you are loyal, and if someone told you something and told you to never tell a soul, could you hold that in? Well, tonight, I thought it would be cute to show and not tell the secret recipe of my mother’s macaroni and cheese! I vowed to my mother I would never tell! This macaroni is the best macaroni I’ve ever tasted, and I promise if I could I would give you the recipe! Let’s start a little discussion on secret recipes that you guys know! You don’t have to give the actual recipe but maybe you can tell me who the recipe is from and what it is!!! You can even share pics if you like!!! The point of this post, is to share with you that loyalty is everything! If you have someone in your life that exposes something special, meaningful, personal, and confidential to you, that means that person values and trusts you beyond your own understanding! Don’t mess that up! Trust is such a magnificent thing!!! Confidentiality is everything! Be a good confidant!

Here’s that top secret macaroni I’ve been waiting to show you!!!!






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Love ya, Muah!

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