Who’s your God?

Hi there! Today I wanted to focus on the God in your life. So many of us has turned the focus of the one who is suppose to be our God, our savior, our mentor, our leader, our strength, our hero into someone who is not worthy of it. The king, our Heavenly Father should get all the worship and the praise for he is worthy. You wonder why your not happy? You wonder why you feel low, lonely, mistreated and used? The truth is because God is a jealous God and you are not giving him what he deserves! You should make him first. Stop devoting all your time, emotions, and cares on the one who mistreats you, and devote it to the creator! He is the one who can help you. Take time today to make it right for he is and should be your first love! How dare you forget that! We owe him everything; our hearts, our souls, all of us!! Make him your GOD!!! He is and always will be the one who will never fail you! Don’t make him jealous! Remember, when he is not #1 in our lives he gets jealous!

Picture taken from promisebook.net

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Love ya, Muah!

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