Crystals Galore

Hey peeps! Happy Thursday! When I was in Miami I was intrigued by some of the beautifully made garments in this one boutique! Unfortunately, I was so fascinated by the perfectly embellished clothing I forgot the name! I remember exactly where it was, so when I go back I will get the name and share it with you. Anyone that knows me, knows I looooooove sparkle! So these pieces had Christian written all over them! The thing is, I like Miami because of the flamboyancy it carries! I think I’m a flamboyant kind of a girl, therefore I felt like I was right at home… The dresses were to die for, btw if I die make sure they bury me in the black dress below! The dress was $6,000, I didn’t try it on because I knew I would fall instantly in love. Check out the Robin’s, I was like a kid in a candy store!! Well, here’s a few pics of the pieces I call crystals galore!







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Love ya, Muah!

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