Zarbee’s cough medicine

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Hey my loves! As I said yesterday a lot has been going on! My baby has a bit of a cough and honestly I wasn’t sure what product would knock that heart wrenching cough out the way! Her cough seems to get worse at night; so I tried Zarbee’s Natural cough syrup! If you have little ones and have had this problem (as I’m sure all mommy’s have) this is the product for you! I give it a A+ in helping baby rest the remainder of the night, and a A+ in helping mommy’s heart! It helped my little August immediately! You have to remember to give it to your baby every 4 hours until the cough lightens up… If not, after the 4 hours, the cough might return. This is on my favorite products list!!! Try it if this ever happens to your little one!
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Love ya, Muah!

2 thoughts on “Zarbee’s cough medicine

  1. Hi there!!

    Love your blog!!
    My name is Joni.we meet twice as kids.
    Your father was like my favorite uncle:!!!
    May not remember me, but i am and was chubby, glasses.: )
    I can’t wait to see you again.Heard your married.which is awesome! !
    Saw your pops today,that is how.
    I came across your blog.
    Tootles.: )

    • Hi Joni!!!!! Of course I remember you!!!:) Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days just been a little busy and need to take a break for a while! How are you? How old are you now!!? How could I not remember you???

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