Oh how I love thee

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When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all he’s done for me, my soul cries out hallelujah, thank God for saving me! Today, I was granted the blessing of seeing truth! For a long time I questioned why I lost certain people in my life and why I had to let so many people go. Now at the age of 30 I’m finally truly understanding why that is. A very special person told me that they can’t go where your going. I didn’t get that then… But today I do! Today I spent time with the people who love me more than life, who value, and cherish, me. The people I can trust, and depend on, and who won’t ever betray or hate on me. My life isn’t perfect but it’s as perfect as life gets. It’s a life that was designed for me and me only. When I look back over my life and think things over… I can truly say that I’ve been blessed I have a testimony! I loooove my family each and every one of them. Each of them
hold a special and dear place in my heart, today I found who my soul truly loves! My Chicago family and my Florida family! I didn’t spend today with everyone but today I realized my soul loves you all; I know you all love me!

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