The things I love and hate!

Hey there friendly people!!! Now that I’m back home and the trip is over, I can get back in the groove of really blogging! Not that I don’t think you enjoyed the Miami fun!! Today, I wanted to share a few facts about me, things I love and hate! I thought since I share so much of me daily it would be fun to get to know me even better.

Chrissy loves…
the smell of lavender.
crackers, pretty much any kind!
the color pink.
headbands, bows and hats!
rain boots.
rain, when I’m indoors.
peanut butter.
palm trees.
breakfast in bed.
carrot cake.
the fan blowing at night.
Sour Patches (especially the watermelon kind).
the smell of a Baby Magic or Johnson and Johnson.
reading to my daughter.
taking my daughter to the park.
cooking for my mother.
making my mother laugh.
when my mother makes me laugh.
hearing my daughter in the morning.
shopping with hubby.
my hubby’s sense of humor.
riding at night with my husband when his top is off his jeep.
The list goes on… But I’ll stop here!
Chrissy hates…
the dentist.
the smell of grass in the summer.
carrot juice.
being late.
strong perfume or cologne.
dirty silverware at a restaurant.
people who don’t know when to say please, thank you, or excuse me!
dry cakes.
when I go to a Starbucks I’m not familiar with and they make my drink differently!
public restrooms
loud mouths.
people who brag.
being rushed.
not matching.
I hope this was a fun list of the things I love and hate! Throughout my blogging I’m sure you’ll learn even more things about me!
Love ya, Muah!

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