Home sweet home!!

What a wonderful, well needed trip! What a flight… 😦 the weather was so bad here in Chicago we had to land in Dallas, making it a total of 6 hours on the plane to get back home! Omg…our flight was suppose to leave at 6:55 p.m. We would have made it home at 9:00 p.m. Instead our flight was delayed! We didn’t leave until 8:35 p.m… You’ll never believe what time I made it back here…. 3:00 a.m:( Overall I’m just happy to be home! I thank God We made it back safe. It was awful, the pilot had to circle the area because O’hare wouldn’t open the gates due to weather issues, we had to find a place to land because the fuel was low!!! St. Louis wouldn’t take us because the airlines aren’t affiliated with them so we had to land in Dallas. We spent 4 hours circling the skies to get to Dallas from Miami, then another two from Dallas to Chicago!!! Like I said, it was a amazing trip!!!! I am happy to be back though!!

2 thoughts on “Home sweet home!!

  1. Thank God you Made it home safe and sound. Your pictures were beautiful. Glad you had an amazing time with your Husband. You deserve it and more. Keep up the great work with these lovely post. Love You!

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