New legal drinking age!

So have you guys heard the rumor about the new drinking age!? Stating, as of August 2014, the new legal drinking age will be 25? OMG…could you imagine waiting to turn 21 to only find out that the new legal drinking age has been bumped up to 25? The truth is, this isn’t true. I read on, this is a hoax started by ABC news! I actually found it quite entertaining! I’m sure there are a few youngsters out there almost dying, with the thought of, I’m going to have to wait 4 more years to be legal…Buck up youngin’s it’s just a joke! You can still have your first shot when you turn 21! Honestly, when I heard the rumors I was thinking this just might be a good idea, for the individuals who aren’t responsible when drinking at 21. It just wouldn’t be fair for those who are. So to any one who is drinking reading this blog, be wise, be safe, be practical, and smart when drinking!

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Love ya, Muah!

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