Pop Rocks and sour gummy worms cupcakes!!

Happy Tuesday beautiful people!! As some of you know I am a kid at heart! That’s why I was so excited when God blessed me with my baby girl. I can re-live childhood favorites with her. Today, I was inspired by an all time favorite, Pop Rocks and sour gummy worms. I wondered how I could take those two fun candies and incorporate them someway, somehow into some cupcakes. It’s awfully simple. I just bought a confetti cake mix and cotton candy frosting, topped the cupcakes with the Pop Rocks and sour gummy worms. Now, if you aren’t a sweet lover these aren’t for you!!! They are extremely sweet!!! They will definitely give a fun sugar rush. So, all you have to do is follow the basic cake box recipe for cupcakes and frost them. You can even get a little creative and change the cake mix and frosting to your preference. 

Yum,Yum in my ,Tum, Tum!!!


Sweet and sour just like I like it!!!


A little candy crunch and a sugar rush!!!


Try these for your next bake sale, kid birthday party or if your just a kid at heart like me!!! 

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Love ya, Muah!


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