Tiffany & Co. baby basket

It’s Monday, the start of a fresh week! Let’s be productive, prayerful and positive in all we do! Today, I wanted to share a baby basket that I did over the weekend for a friend of my husband and I. The theme of the baby shower was Tiffany & Co. I had no other choice but to try and do something Tiffany inspired! I chose to do a basket filled with baby essentials that I knew the mommy will need. 


A basket filled with goodies is such a great gift. You can personalize a basket in any way you wish! That’s what makes gift baskets so fun. I stuffed the basket with white tissue paper, added the baby essentials and wrapped the basket with Tiffany blue fabric/tuelle then wrapped it with lovely white ribbon.


Here’s the finished product!



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Love ya, Muah!

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