Jen, Sam, Brenda & Amy!

Happy Saturday, my love muffins! Today’s post is dedicated to 4 lovely ladies that I met today in my favorite store Hobby Lobby! I had the best time ever with them. They were such a blast! Nothing is by coincidence! I feel like God had us meet. We talked about God, and had so many delightful moments that I wish I could put in a box and store. There’s Brenda, the upbeat, fun-tastic mom, who I could just hug and kiss all day! Jen, the shy, yet cool, cute doll, that’s my sister from another mister! Sam, my sophisticated, spunky, diva that has wisdom beyond her years; and Amy, my little funky, fashionable, independent lady!! I loooved them all, They all had their own individual personalities that captivated me! They are my new adopted family!!! I just love them! I shared so many things with them and they shared so many things with me!!!

This scripture is for you Jen!

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them,”Psalm 34:7!

Don’t worry Jen!!! Pinky swear, we will conquer our fears!!!
Love you girls to pieces!!!


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Love ya, Muah!

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