The best condoms ever


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Happy lovely Thursday!!! Today I wanted to share my experience with lambskin condoms. Since having my daughter I’ve been a condom user, wait a second now… I’m getting back on the ultimate baby stopper, the PILL this weekend! Before I do, I had to tell my loves the scoop on these amazing baby barriers. Honestly, I have never enjoyed condoms, they bother me; the next morning I feel awful because I’m sore and irritated. I just recently realized I might have a latex allergy. About two days ago, my husband brought in the lambskin condoms. Not getting too personal, but hey, that’s what my S.D.C. friends are for!! To share my best and worst experiences with!!! So, let’s get to the good stuff! We tried the condoms…and bada-bing, bada-boom! Just as the reviews state, most people say they’re great, and they are! You know the trojan commercials, where the couples hair is all over their heads, and the music plays and their under the covers looking revitalized? That was us!! The condoms are awesome!! I had to ask my husband twice…are you sure that you had one on!!!? I advise the individuals that don’t use birth-control to use this if you’re trying to prevent pregnancy! I will give you a few facts on the lambskins he was in!!!

  • Lambskin condoms do not prevent the transmission of STDs!
  • Lambskin condoms are a prevention for pregnancy!
  • Lambskin condoms are made from a thin layer of sheep cecum, a part of the intestine. 
  • Lambskin condoms are more expensive than latex condoms (believe me they are well worth it)!
  • Lambskin condoms deliver body heat in a way that latex condoms don’t!
  • Lambskin condoms are an amazing alternative for individuals with latex allergies!
  • Lambskin condoms unlike latex condoms, can be used with oil-based lubricants!
  • Lambskin condoms feel extremely natural!

“Lambskin condoms are good for preventing pregnancy. Because the lambskin material has tiny pores–though they are not large enough to allow the passage of sperm–it is not as effective as latex for prevention of viral STDs, like HIV and herpes. They should not be used as protection against these diseases. For pregnancy prevention, they are about equally as effective as latex and other condom materials,” according to!

My experience with these baby stoppers were beyond great! If your not shy, let me know if you and your spouse try these! 

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Love ya, Muah!


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