Pine needle oil

Happy Tuesday cutie pies! Today I wanted to share my new love for pine needle oil. It has some great and useful benefits that I would love to share. I was introduced to pine needle oil through my mother-in-law, (she is the reason I am into healthI usually listen because anything she tells you to get usually helps and improves something!!) I had my husband pick a bottle up, and I did my own research. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I absolutely love this stuff!!!



1st Benefit

As a child I had eczema, which honestly sometimes I still feel like I have symptoms of. I itch terribly from time, time due to allergies. My scalp and just about everywhere on my body will flare up itching profusely. After researching pine needle oil, I learned that dermatologists prescribe pine needle oil for a variety of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, itching and a few others. I decided to try this on my skin, and yes it does work. It soothes instantly and stops the itching!

2nd Benefit

If your anything like me and you suffer from allergies, you will love this benefit. By placing a few drops of oil in a pot of hot water and using it like a humidifier this can clear up sinus problems. It is also great for colds, you can place a few drops in your tea and drink it. This will clear up any respiratory issues.

3rd Benefit

Looking for a great stress reliever? Pine needle oil can reduce tension and stress. Get a nice message with pine needle oil, or place a few drops in the bath tub and soak in it. This will do the trick.

4th Benefit

Do you suffer from joint pain such as arthritis, maybe you have back issues or just an area on your body that tends to cause pain sometimes. I know for me (don’t laugh) my big toe on my right foot hurts periodically. I think I sprang it years ago trying to be cute in some heels, I never got it checked out! Pine needle oil reduces inflammation and pain just apply to the affected area. This really helps!!!

5th benefit

Pine needle oil is great for dandruff, itchy aggravated or sore scalp. Placing a few drops throughout your scalp will relieve itching, soreness and get rid of that gross dandruff.

Thank you mother-in-law this stuff is great!!! XOXO
Please try this product, It’s definitely worth the try!

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Love ya, Muah!

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