Cake Pops

What’s up all my sweet treat lovers. Today, I wanted to show you how to make cake pops. They are so good and cute. It’s like a lollipop except it’s cake on a stick. You can bite into it or eat it whole. It’s such an adorable treat for kids birthday parties or just to do at home for yourself, family or friends!


What you’ll need! 

Prepared cake mix your choice of flavor (I used Duncan Hines)
Frosting your choice  
2 bags of milk chocolate, white chocolate or candy melts 
Cake pop sticks
Wax paper


Step 1

Follow the cake mix instructions, prepare cake as you usually would.

Step 2

Let the cake cool, add the cake to a large bowl. Crumble the cake until you have crumbs.

Step 3

Add a spoonful of your frosting; mix gently, then add a second spoonful. Use your hands to mix the frosting and the cake crumbs. It should have a playdough consistency.

Step 4

Use a tablespoon measuring spoon to form your balls. I scooped the cake mixture with the measuring spoon and formed the balls using my hands.

Step 5

Roll the wax paper onto a cookie sheet, and form your balls. Place each ball on the wax papered cookie sheet.

Step 6

Melt 4 ounces of your white chocolate, milk chocolate or candy melts in the microwave.

Step 7

Dip the tip of the cake pop sticks into the white chocolate, milk chocolate or candy melts; Stick into the prepared cake balls about half-way.

Step 8

Place in the refrigerator for about 40 minutes or the freezer for 15 minutes.

Step 9

Melt the rest of the white chocolate, milk chocolate or candy melts in another large bowl. Making sure there is enough to dip each cake ball in to coat all around.

Step 10

Take your cake balls out of the refrigerator or freezer. Dip each cake in the melted candy, making sure you coat it completely. Let the excess melted candy fall off, gently swirling the cake pop while it drips.

Step 11

Over a plate add your sprinkles to your cake pops. 

Step 12

Stick the completed cake pops into a box (with prepared holes) or a styrofoam square.

Step 13

Put the finished cake pops in the freezer for around 10 minutes to let harden.

Once your 10 minutes is up, you can take those cake pops out and serve!!!




I hope you try these sweet treats on a stick!!!

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Love ya, Muah!


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