Simple fix, budget friendly, stir fry

Happy Friday, my food lovers. Today I am going to give you a simple fix, budget friendly stir fry that takes around 25 minutes to cook and cost under $15! So, if you’re in the mood for Asian, and don’t feel like ordering out, here’s something quick that will leave your pockets full and your taste buds happy.

What you’ll need!


Note: This recipe feeds about 6

Frozen stir fry vegetables

Stir fry rice noodles

Teriyaki sauce

Chicken breast (with 2-3 pieces)

Let’s get started!

Step 1


Season your chicken to your liking. Get your skillet ready to cook your seasoned chicken. I used a little olive oil to cook my chicken breast in. You can use vegetable oil or any other oil that you prefer to cook with. Make sure your skillet is hot, cook chicken until done. Put your cooked chicken aside.


Step 2


Boil your water for the rice noodles.


Place your noodles in the boiling water and cook until complete. Drain your noodles and put aside.


 Step 3


Put about 3/4 tablespoon spoon of olive oil in your wok. Let the olive oil get hot and put your bag of stir fry veggies in, season to your liking. Cook until tender.


Step 4


In your wok where your cooked veggies are mix the rice noodles in. Make sure you mix them in not smashing the rice noodles. I like to use a salad tosser.

Step 5


Pour a cup of the teriyaki sauce in the wok with the veggies and noodles, making sure you coat the stir fry all the way through.


Step 6


Slice your chicken as thin or thick as you like.

Step 7


Take a 1/2 cup of the teriyaki sauce and toss in the sliced chicken. Coating every piece. I like to use my hands for this step (wash your hands throughly of course).

Finally your going to plate this quick masterpiece. I plated the noodles and veggies first. Placing the sliced chicken on top.



 Let’s get up close and personal with this dish!!!


 That tender juicy chicken is sure to leave you satisfied!!!


 I hope you try this simple, budget friendly meal!!! It’s deliciously pleasing!!!

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Love ya, Muah!

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