A mother’s existence

Good evening my playful S.D.C. buddies! Today, I wanted to share a few fashionable mommy and baby moments from over the weekend. I guess it’s true, daughter like mother. I have created a fashionista in training! So much of my personality comes from my mother, she trained me to the best to her ability and I believe she did an excellent job! Not tooting my own horn or anything!!! I just know spiritually, my mother is the reason I am who I am today. I laugh looking at some of the images in this post, because I see how a mother’s existence, training, persistence, spirit and love can alter a child’s mood, personality and traits. You have to try to be the best you there is. Your child mimics you; your moods, your actions and your spirit. Remember, they are an extension of you. As the bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6. Mommy, thank you for teaching me to fear the Lord and make him first, to treat others the way I would like to be treated, to be clean physically and spiritually, to love myself, how to be an exceptional mother and last but definitely not least to believe in my dreams as you do. I promise to pass down all these things to Auggie. First, she has to learn that, “fashion is very important, It is life-enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well” Vivienne Weswood!!!

My little ball of energy, being a girl with her pearls!!!


 A daughter is a little girl that grows up and becomes your friend!!
ImageSometimes the best moments are caught off guard. 


Beauty is found in simplicity 


 Show your child that life is beautiful.




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Love ya, Muah!


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