Love at first bite, red velvet pancakes

Good morning my lovely S.D.C. visitors! Today I want to share my love at first bite, red velvet pancake recipe. It’s easy it’s quick and delectably good.


What you’ll need!

Note: This recipe should make about 6 pancakes

1/2 cup of Original Bisquick mix

1/2 cup of red velvet cake mix (I used Duncan Hines)

1/2 cup of milk

1 egg


Powdered sugar

Cream cheese icing


Step 1

Mix all the ingredients until blended.

Step 2

Get your skillet ready! I like to use about 3/4 tablespoon of butter, (you can use less)! I like em’ buttery!! Make sure your skillet is on low-medium heat. Put your butter in the skillet.

Step 3

When you notice your butter sizzling pour about 1/4 of a cup of pancake batter in the skillet. Cook until you see the edges are dry. Flip the pancake and cook until done, (continue until all your pancakes are complete).

Step 4

I feel like if your going to make red velvet pancakes, you must have cream cheese icing; so, with a butter knife like you would do butter, slide the icing across your pancakes. I used syrup as well, just a few drizzles. Take your powered sugar and sprinkle it over the cakes.

 Oh my, what a beautiful sight…finally taste…now that’s love at first bite!!!


Have a love filled Saturday!!!

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Love ya, Muah!




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