Love thy self

Happy Saturday S.D.C. beauties! Today’s post is strictly for you!


Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standards for how others will treat you.

~Steve Maraboli

I’ve learned over time that it is a beautiful thing to give. I’ve also learned that sometimes you have to save a little for yourself. When you give everything you have and there is nothing left, you are left with no fuel, no energy, nothing left for you to survive on. The key is finding a balance! Be a giver, but save enough for you. Self-preservation according to, is the Protection of oneself from harm or destruction. When you are drained to the point where you can’t help yourself, the beauty of helping others is taken away. So, today love yourself. God created a beautiful creature, it’s okay do something that is self-fulfilling, live a little!

Have a I’m in love with me Saturday!!!

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Love ya, Muah!

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