“Diamonds are a pearls best friend,” revamped sweatshirt!

It’s Wednesday my loves, and luckily I had enough energy to revamp this sweatshirt I’ve been holding on to for three months! Originally, I wanted to rip and dye it, but I thought this idea was much cuter. I call it Diamonds are a pearls best friend,” revamped sweatshirt!! I love pearls next to diamonds, real or fake. It just looks so classic and simplistic.

 (From Drab)


 (To Fab)


 The ideas for this revamped sweatshirt are endless…you can rock this with jeans and flats, or you can wear a cute pleated skirt with pumps!


All you need are some pearl stud earrings, and a simple pearl ring and go on your way!


I left the back simple, you can wear your hair down with a cute white or navy headband for that sexy school girl look, or even a side pony if your going with a simpler approach!


The cut out sleeves were just an added touch, to give this recently drab sweatshirt some flare!

Note: This was a men’s sweatshirt, I altered it to fit me. I can revamp just about anything! Remember, if you want anything custom-made feel free to message me.

Hope you enjoyed the sweatshirt remix! Don’t forget, every girl looks good in pearls!!!

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Love ya, Muah!


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