The Good Wives Guide (7 tips)



Well it’s Sunday my love bugs and today I thought I’d give a little (no filly) meaning not filtered guide on how to be a good wife!!! I’ll keep it short, simple, sassy and fun! 


Tip 1:

Now, some of you may not be the spoiling type, you might like to be spoiled! The truth is I’m a strong believer in you reap what you sow. I believe if your man wants to be catered to, cater to him. If he wants breakfast in bed (and he’s a good man) I feel you should give him breakfast in bed. I’m not saying be a slave to his every need but I believe if you cater to him he will cater to you. A good wife takes time to make her husband feel special.


Tip 2:

Cooking, cleaning and putting icky things near your mouth from time to time is a must (if you have a man who requires these things.) If you won’t do it another woman will. Sometimes, it’s those things you don’t want to do that will keep your man on his toes. Be creative, make these things fun! You have to live in your house, so clean up! You have to eat, so cook! You want to be fulfilled, so fulfill him!


Tip 3:

Don’t be lazy! A man loves a motivated woman! Even for some of us that stay at home you should have goals that you set a timeline for accomplishing! Let your man see you being superwoman! Yes you can be a go getter and the one that takes care of the home! You can do it! You are more than a conqueror!!!


Tip 4:

With all the overwhelming things that life can bring, don’t forget to have fun!!! Treat your marriage as if you are dating! It’s nothing wrong with this, you want a successful marriage right? Remember why you married that man in the first place! Make him remember why he married you. Don’t be boring, spruce it up!!!! Do adventurous things together, every relationship is different! What ever is fun to you and your husband do it!


Tip 5:

I know some of us like to have a drink here and now! Please don’t be a lush, your husband shouldn’t walk in and see you slumped over the couch and the baby is in the next room crying because you’ve had one too many glasses of wine. Keep it classy, it’s ok in moderation! Moms and wives sometimes need a little something to help them relax and wind down!


Tip 6:

I know this next tip is hard! But please try your very best not be a NAG!!! Pray consistently that God teaches you when and how to hold your tongue! Sometimes there will be things that have to be said! Use wisdom and God’s guidance when to.


Tip 7:

Be confident a man looooooves a confident woman, but be humble! Being humble is the key to being blessed. You can know you are blessed but never boast! NO, relationship is perfect!!! They all take work, time and patience in order to be successful and strong!!

I hope this quick guide will help us all enhance our relationships! I am learning new things everyday!!!

NOTE: The NO FILLY section is strictly for those that can hang (SO LEAVE THE JUDGING AT THE S.D.C. DOOR) if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen! Those of you that can stand the heat stay in there and cook for your man!!! 



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Love ya, Muah!

4 thoughts on “The Good Wives Guide (7 tips)

  1. Good advice!! Your blog is AWESOME! You can feel your humble spirit in every word! I LOVE it! ~~Davine

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