Sunny the teething bunny

Chamomile teething doll/cloth

Hey my S.D.C. mommies, this post is for you. All mommies have dreaded the unpleasant moments of teething. The late nights, the gnawing on everything, including you, the fussiness, the clinginess, and let’s not forget just the heart wrenching sight of seeing your precious baby in pain! Well boy, do I have a healthy affective solution. It’s inexpensive and it works! It’s a chamomile teething bunny…(the bunny can be substituted with a cloth or any miniature muslin or cloth doll.)

Before we get started I would like to give you a few facts on the benefits of the oh so comforting chamomile.

  • Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. Which means it can relieve your babies inflamed gums.
  • Chamomile relieves anxiety. If your baby is a little jumpy you can give your baby a small amount to soothe him/her.
  • Chamomile helps with sleeplessness. This is a great way to help the baby sleep when given in small amounts.
  • Chamomile aids in digestion. This is incredibly good for the babies who have diarrhea during teething.
  • Chamomile helps heal rashes when used as a cream or ointment; for the baby who has developed a rash during teething.


What you’ll need!


Muslin miniature doll or cloth

Two bags of chamomile tea

1 cup of apple juice

1 cup of water

Bowl (large enough for your doll or cloth to soak in)

Step 1 


If you are using a miniature doll make sure you cut any hazardous pieces off before starting this project. (I had to cut the eyes and whiskers off Sunny!) (If you are using a cloth disregard this step.) Hand wash the doll or cloth making sure the soap is fully rinsed out.

Step 2

hotwater applejuiceteaapple

Steep your 1-2 bags of chamomile tea in the 1 cup of water and the 1 cup of apple juice for 20 minutes. (You can microwave, boil or use a tea kettle.)

Step 3


Soak the miniature doll or cloth in the tea/apple juice for 10 minutes.

Step 4

(Ring the miniature doll or cloth out just enough, where it doesn’t drip but it is still slightly soaked; place it in the freezer for 1 hour. Your doll or cloth is ready to give your baby when it is stiff and frozen. Looking like this:


Now baby can gnaw on something that is soothing, healthy, tasty and affective for his/her teething discomforts.

Hope you S.D.C. mommies found this useful!!!

The lion eating the rabbit!

August just loved this, she has a few teeth coming in!!! This was right on time!!!



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Love ya, Muah!




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