Ballin’ In Bart

Ay Caramba! If you are a Simpson’s fan I’m sure your familiar with this catchy quote Bart always says! For those of you who don’t know know what it means, according to it’s, “An exclamation of surprise, shock or dissapontment. Can be positive or negative.” My goal for this post was to leave you saying Ay Caramba!  Of course in a positive way! Now here’s a few pics of your buddy ballin’ in Bart!

Bart’s Babe!







 (Christian’s Look)

Hat-The Shop


Lipstick-Mac (Cyber)

Neckalce-So Ducking Creative Fashion

Rings-H & M

Outfit-So Ducking Creative Fashion

Bracelet-So Ducking Creative Fashion

Tights-Forever 21


Hope you had fun while I balled in Bart!!!

Stay tuned my S.D.C. fashionista’s for my online boutique!!!

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Love ya, Muah!

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