Bananas at Board Room!


Here’s the No Filly! Meaning (not filtered) scoop for today. I had the most unbelievable, mind-blowing, outer life experience going to Board Room last night! I mean the line was super long and people were out there like they were giving out FEMA, when in all actuality there was nothing free! There was a cover charge and then of course for all the bottle poppers that was extra. Now, bare with me, this is coming from someone who hasn’t been out on the scene in approximately 4 years. Due to getting married, losing friends and becoming a mother. So this was super surreal…When I got in I felt like I was in Vegas, like I was a foreigner in my own home town! I mean for anyone who really wants to know what TURNING UP looks like needs to take a trip to Board Room. People were standing on tables, popping bottles and girls were dancing in glass boxes like live barbies; EVERYBODY had turned into their alter ego after that one sip of the devil’s juice!! Let me just say, things were bananas! Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand we are still young and especially for those who haven’t settled down and even for some who have, this is the life! NO FILLY, I love you and want everyone who reads this post and TURNS UP to be careful and cautious when they go in a environment like that. It’s people lurking and demons are definitely real!

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Love ya, Muah!

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