Crunch Berry French Toast!

Hey love bugs!!! Can you remember a time when you were little and you couldn’t wait for Saturday to roll around so you could wake up and make your favorite bowl of cereal sit in front of the TV to watch your favorite cartoons? Well this ones for all the kiddies at heart. My mother is the inspiration for this, except she loves the original Captain Crunch… she can eat two bowls at a time! Myself on the other hand loved the berries in Crunch Berries, so how about this…french toast with a little twist!!!

These were the most cereal satisfying little babies a cereal addict could ask for!






NOTE: This will make 8 slices divide everything in half for 4.

2 eggs

1 cup of heavy whipping cream 

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 cups of Crunch Berry cereal

8 slices of thick bread (preferably a sweet bread like Hawaiian)


powdered sugar

1 strawberry

syrup (optional)


Place eggs, heavy whipping cream and vanilla extract in a bowl, whisking until ingredients are combined. Place a plate on top of two paper towels (this step is a little messy!) Pour the 2 cups of Crunch Berries on the plate, crunching them with a spoon. Pour the crunched Crunch Berries in mixture (mixing slightly.) Get your skillet ready by placing a tablespoon of butter in the pan turning your stove on medium heat. After the butter begins to sizzle place your slice of bread in the mixture coating each side, then place the coated bread in the skillet. Flip the bread over when the first side is brown, after the second side browns place on a plate. Continue this step until each slice is done. Stack the amount of slices you want on a plate. As garnish slice a strawberry in three, place over your stack and sprinkle the powered sugar! Drizzle your favorite syrup over (which is optional, these are pretty tasty as is!)

Hope you have a berry good Saturday!!!
Love ya, Muah!








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