Katrina the ballerina

Hello my S.D.C. friends! Today I have a little craft treat! Her name is Katrina the ballerina. I developed this idea when thinking of my daughters next room theme, who doesn’t love tutus? Better yet, who doesn’t love a pretty ballerina? August (my daughter) is a little small now, but I definitely think this will be a great keepsake for her when she’s a little older.

Before and After


I’m excited, let’s get started!



muslin doll

yarn, or craft doll hair

2 yards of tulle

fabric paint

paint brushes, mini circle sponge


dye (optional)

glue gun, glue sticks

pen, pencil or sharpie

needle and thread

little necklace and bracelet (optional)

step 1


Boil water in a steel pot that your doll can fit in (it doesn’t have to boil for that long, as long as you can see steam begin to rise.) Pour only half of the dye in, stirring until fully dissolved (this part is optional.) I thought the dye gave Katrina a little more character.

step 2


Place doll inside pot, pushing it down with a metal large spoon. Let it soak for around 45 minutes.

step 3


When the 45 minutes are up (with plastic gloves), rinse her in cold water, your doll should look like this. Place in your dryer until dry.

step 4


When doll is completely dry draw a face of your choice, using your pen, pencil or sharpie. I thought this face was simple and cute!

step 5


Paint a shirt onto the doll, I thought a painted shirt looked more hand crafted!

step 6


Paint your dolls face with the fabric paint.

step 7


Hot glue or hand sew the yarn or doll hair to the head of the doll. I thought two ponytails with ribbon would give Katrina a little spunk!!!

step 8


Paint around the dolls feet so they look like ballet slippers!

step 9


Take your ribbon and glue the ribbon to each side of the painted shoe, then crisscross so it has that ballet slipper look, tying a little bow in the back!

step 10


Gather about 2 yards of tulle. (I used black so you could see…sorry, this tulle is very light!)

step 11


You can hand sew or hot glue the tulle around the doll once gathered, I like to scrunch the tulle up and hand sew it on the gathered line (optional.) I just think it makes for a cuter tutu. Take your ribbon and make a few bows to cover the thread used in gathering.

step 12


Add a little necklace and bracelet for a little class…who doesn’t love a girl in pearls!!!


Introducing…Katrina The ballerina!!!


Love ya, Muah!




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