Strawberry Hot Chocolate

Today is just one those days where I just need to chillax. I was thinking of the perfect warm treat to settle me down from all the excitement of the launch of S.D.C. Who doesn’t love chocolate and strawberries. I’ve had so many orders for chocolate dipped strawberries recently and this is where the inspiration for this delectable treat came from.

 With whip cream


Without whip cream 



3 cups of milk

3 tablespoons of strawberry nestle nesquik

1 cup of white chocolate morsels


3 strawberries

whip cream


Boil the 3 cups of milk on medium heat until it simmers. Place the milk in your favorite mug. Pour the 3 tablespoons of strawberry nesquik and 1 cup of white chocolate morsels and stir until dissolved. Slice a few strawberries for garnish and whip your whip cream up as high as you like!

Finally…Take a sip of that pink potion!!!

Love ya, Muah!

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