(Singing!) Happy blog-day to me, happy blog-day to me!!!


Oh my! The day has finally come, the launch of S.D.C.!!!! I am so excited beyond belief that I have a creative outlet to share with creative enthusiast as myself!!! Come take this fun-filled journey with me. I’m praying for productivity, growth, inspiration and insight throughout this trip. Thank you in advance for your support!!!!

Love ya, Muah!

6 thoughts on “HAPPY BLOG-DAY TO ME!

  1. Hey, this is your big cuz of course. I just wanna say how proud I am of u…I wish nothing but the best for u.*Blessings*

  2. Congratulations on SDC, it looks great. You are so talented and I wish you all the success and blessings!!!!

  3. AAAAAMMMMAAAAZZZIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!! This is completely and undeniably genius! Professional, spunky and full of life like you! I can’t wait to follow this story – to see what you do next – I will def spread the word!!! 😘 love you

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